Arts at S&T

S&T is often identified as a STEM school, but the arts are a foundational element for the innovative work we do. Art and technology intersect to create STEAM, allowing our students, staff, faculty, and alumni to work toward creative and transformational solutions for local and global challenges. Listed below are some of the ways our students come together in creative endeavors to hone their skills and enrich their experiences at S&T.


Image of students broadcasting from the KMNR studio

KMNR is S&T's student-run college radio station, hosting daily talk and music shows exploring a wide variety of genres and topics. In addition, they sponsor events such as the Masquerave and Freakers Ball, and can be seen on warmer days playing music on campus.

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Ballet and Dance Club

Image of a performer in the Ballet and Dance Club

The Ballet and Dance Club is a beginner-friendly dance group that teaches and practices a variety of styles such as ballet, jazz, tap, and modern/contemporary dance. They hold frequent performances of classic ballets and dance interpretations at S&T's Leach Theatre.

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Perfect 10 Improv

Image of students performing an improv version of The Lion King

Perfect 10 Improv is S&T's student-run improv group. Having performed at S&T since 1994, they are always open to new members, and continue to host comedy shows at Leach Theatre for students and faculty to attend.

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Fencing Team

Image of 2 S&T students fencing during a regular practice

The Missouri S&T Fencing Team is a non-varsity sports team that practices the historical art of fencing. Holding regular beginner's nights, they welcome any student regardless of experience level and provide a welcoming and friendly environment in which to fence.

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Humans vs. Zombies

Group image of Humans vs Zombies Players

Humans vs. Zombies runs a game of HvZ each semester: a weeklong game of infection tag where zombies tag humans to convert them. Through this game, students are be able to practice leadership and creative problem solving, as well as engage in physical activity and forge new friendships while strengthening old ones.

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Gaffers Guild

Image of molten glass on a table next to colored sand

The Gaffers Guild is S&T's glass blowing club. Open to all majors, they create their own glassware on a regular basis and often sell off completed projects to support their organization.

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A marble and a gyroscope sitting above the word

Southwinds is S&T's literary and arts magazine. Published annually, they feature both written and visual works done by students and faculty.

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Miner Theatre Guild

Alpha Psi Omega emblem featuring the masks of comedy and tragedy

The Miner Theatre Guild is a new student organization dedicated to creating an inclusive community where students share a common interest in Theatre. This includes performance, tech, writing, directing, and stage managing. Miner Theatre Guild strives to create theatrical related opportunities for student to experience and participate in. 

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Blacksmithing Club of Rolla

Image of a sword piercing an anvil while surrounded by fire

The Blacksmithing Club of Rolla is S&T's student blacksmithing club. They teach members the art and science of blacksmithing and work to promote it in the surrounding community. Members work to hone their skills and forge their own projects, as well as compete in the TMS Bladesmithing Competition.

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Aerial Swing Dance Club

Image of two people dancing under the words

The Aerial Swing Dance Club is another dance club, though they focus on swing dancing with and without stunts. Open to all members, they meet for practices twice a week, and often travel to local swing dance events.

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Miner Key

Image of the letters

Miner Key is S&T's only student a cappella group. Originally started by 8 students, the organization has now grown to 18+ members and regularly competes at the ICCA. Prior to the COVID pandemic in 2020 they placed 2nd Overall and aim to compete again in 2022.

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